Junkyard Treasures

So weekend before last I was driving through the desert, headed to Arizona for my little sister's graduation and hit this little spot called "Quartzite" or something like that...
This place was uh-mazing I got lost for hours!

The owner was this cute old man who could barley hear had everything from original 1970's Playboys to every stone, crystal, or shell you could possibly imagine.Oh and not mention a collection of old comics that was out of this world.

Way rad and highly recommended if you're ever driving from CA-->AZ

I was so tempted to buy a shit ton of shit but walked away with a really pretty sterling silver necklace that had a crystal within a crystal pendent on it....cost me 5 bucks. Stoked.

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  1. Love that spot! Gila Bend is also out of control cool with weird shit off the 10 as well :)