Currently obsessing over my new UNIF Badsport swimsuit 
I've never worn a high waist suit before & must admit 
I'm surprised at how much I like it

UNIF has once again, killed it




Dress : Vintage / Shades : UNIF 
Shoes : JC / Backpack : Alexander Wang 

ZINC has moved to our hood and I could not be more excited
Great food, cocktails, a little market with cute interior knickknacks and a beautiful patio covered in olive trees 
This dress was perfect for a TGIF lunch date with the ladies

If you haven't checked out ZINC I highly recommend that you do

ZINC Cafe & Market
580 Mateo Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Blue Moon

Dress : AGAIN / Boots : Jeffrey Campbell / Shades : Thierry Lasry

Nothing beats a light, easy to wear shift dress
This happens to be one of my new favs! 
Made with a cool metallic jacquard fabric
simple pockets and flirty cut-outs

Get your BLUE MOON Dress HERE


Turn Up The BASS

Bodysuit : Vintage / Skirt : AGAIN
Shoes & Shades : UNIF / Bralette : Alexander Wang

This hot piece of bASS skirt just came in for Spring 
(Called the BASS skirt...get it haha hehe) 

It is such a fun skirt! You can zip up, or better yet unzip, as much as you want and it's made of a stretchy perforated vegan faux leather. Super comfortable to wear  especially for how sexy it can be and is a great day to night piece. 
Us working ladies think about those things, you can't always change before happy hour and dinner.

Get your BASS skirt HERE!



Hot vs Beautiful

Hot is admired from afar; beauty is to be held.
Hot is perception; beauty is appreciation.
Hot is smokey-eyed; beautiful is bare-faced.
Hot is an appearance; beautiful is more than skin deep.
Hot is the way she moans; beautiful is the way she speaks.
Hot is a strong appeal; beautiful is strong mind.
Hot is youthful; beautiful is ageless.
Hot is conventional; beauty is unique.
Hot is a one-night stand; beautiful is sleepless nights.
Hot is a state of being; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Hot is devious; beautiful is innocent.
Hot is bending her over; beautiful is baking her blueberry pancakes.
Hot is sultry; beautiful is wholesome.
Hot is her curves; beauty is her nerves.
Hot is a text message; beautiful is a love letter.
Hot is a facade; beautiful is a woman.
Source : Elitedaily


Top : UNIF / Skirt : Vintage 
Backpack : A. Wang / Shoes : Saks 5th Ave.
Shades : Thierry Lasry (the usual)

So stoked on my new backpack it has literally been the answer to all my purse carrying problems. It was a bitch to get, only because the A. Wang warehouse has some major internal problems they need to work out, but none the less it's been amazing. Nothing beats a messy bun, distressed crop, high-waisted skirt and a pop of lip color. 


Duster Daze

Duster : ASOS / Trousers : AGAIN 
Accessories : Vintage / Shoes : Enzo Angiolini

Came across this little duster coat a couple weeks back and am officially in love. Best purchase and perfect piece to throw over any outfit for a chic finish. 


Current Muse

Lately I have been on a Nancy Sinatra kick and seem to not be able to get enough of her music and awkward photos. 
Most people assume she is the wife of Frank but she is actually his go-go boot wearing daughter, best known for her signature hit "These Boots Are Made for Walkin"

Check out her site HERE for more music, photos and updates



Dresses pictured above  : ONASIS / JANIS / BROADWAY by AGAIN

Dress : AGAIN // Jacket : Religion
Shades : Armani // Shoes : Alexander Wang

Loving this AGAIN "JANIS" drape dress, it literally takes me everywhere and effortlessly transitions from day to night
Get the look HERE




Jacket : Religion / Suit : AGAIN 
Shoes : Alexander Wang / Shades : Thierry Lasry 

Rockin' that AGAIN composition print head to toe
This has to be one of my all time favorite suits - Perfect fit, stretch fabric and insanely rad all over print  SOLD! 
Get your suit HERE or buy the pieces separate HERE and HERE