Solitary Man

It all started with a simple desire. 
A desire that, unfortunately, so many of us have. 
The desire to quit smoking. 

Artist, designer, and friend of mine, Oleg Sharov, just wanted to put down his last cigarette. After many failed attempts in the past, a very smokey New Years Eve party finally made him put down his last butt. Stopping was easy. However, not picking up a cigarette while out, was not. That's when a very simple idea was born.

Oleg decided to make some kind of reminder to the fact that he no longer smoked. The reminder was of course a cigarette butt. He created the "Last Cigarette Butt." This silver cigarette butt pendant paid homage to his quitting and finally putting down his last cigarette.

As an artist, he was determined to turn his vision into an object. Having never worked with metal before, he got a quote from a local jeweler. It was way too much, so he knew there had to be another way. Research and jewelry making books soon became his friends. 

Now totally consumed with this vision, he did not stop until he made his first piece. Oleg discovered a unique way of working with precious metals where every piece is hand molded before firing. 

These pendants are hand shaped out of the highest available quality of silver and gold (.999 fine solid Silver and 22K Gold). Each piece is a one of a kind wearable sculpture with substantial weight and unique look.
It all started with a simple desire... and this is how 
Solitary Man was born. 

Check him out:
Twitter: @solitarymanusa

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