French Illustrator, arn0 
has caught my eye this past month with these banging blonde babes and use of vibrant fun colors. Come to find out, he got his masters in Arts at CalArts LA and has been killing it ever since. 
Some of his clients include: 
Nokia, Coca-Cola, MTV, Sony, Vibe, FHM, & Marvel Comics.

Check his website out- its pretty cool & he has so much sick work...I would post it all if I could!


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  1. Arn0's is actually debuting his first solo show, called Glos at The Coningsby Gallery in London, UK. It officially opens tonight, 28th June 2011.

    A little bit more about the exhibition

    We are excited to announce a much anticipated collaboration with Arn0, a fantastic French illustrator whose polished and hyper-real images have been used in Coca Cola and Sony ad campaigns and by many leading publications such as Mojo, Men’s Health, GQ, FHM and The Sunday Times.

    This exhibition sees racy and fabulous latex prints of pin-ups on aluminium, images of glossy products and mirrors adorned with beauty features. Arn0 is turning the world of advertising on its head and asking the viewer what is real and what is fake, what does his artwork say about the ego, what does it say about you?

    You can now gaze upon and buy into this world of perfection, calculated imperfection and fantasy from 27th June - 9th July.

    For more information, please contact Helen Driver or +44 (0)20 7636 7478