Las Vegas

Leah, David & I holding down the JOYRICH booth

Stampd' LA DOPE sign

Sun rise

Sun set

Sneak peak of whats to come for SS'11

My little sis holding down the PlayMe booth


Project Las Vegas was a success! 
We had a great response for all the brands and had a great time going to all the fun events and parties. I usually have no time to do anything but work, sleep and eat during this trade show but we thankfully hired interns (my little sis being one of them)which allowed me to finally check out the Creative Rec / Hudson party along with the Karmaloop event that was poppin'! Didn't have time to take many pics but these are a few I shot from my phone. I'm so excited for all the new SS'11 collections

Be sure to check out all the brands I work with:


Feels good to be home and sorry for the lack of post this past week
Hope everyone has a good weekend


Be sure & peep this video from the Karmaloop party

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